Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Opportunities for Children's Relationship with Technology

Enabling the mobile apps industry, parents, and teachers to keep children safe, healthy, and productive during screen time with the development of innovative parental controls. We accomplish our Mission with:

  • use of the latest mobile technology developments
  • dialogue with parents and educators
  • incorporation of the latest insights of public health research

Introducing "Ava - Kids Screen Time Mentor"

Ava empowers parents to passively protect and strengthen their child’s minds by enriching screen time.

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About Us


William Heathershaw, Managing Director

Jeremy Gross, Product - Game Design

Anna Grenn, UX Designer

Alan Hill, Developer

Nikola Miljkovic, Lead Developer


Greg Essig, former Apple, FunPlus & Mobcrush

Mark Fiecas, University of Minnesota

Alex Ronalds, former Facebook & Twitch

Mike Vorhaus, Magid Advisors


Families concerned about the negative effects of children's mobile device usage, though they understand its potential for education and personal development.

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