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BunnyTrax API

Preventing Advertising's Tracking & Targeting of Children

BunnyTrax by UncleWilliam.org is a COPPA and GDPR compliant tool that is a first-of-its-kind solution powered by machine learning, enabling mobile app publishers to confidently and legally enter Privacy Policy and Terms of Service agreements with their users.

Today, mobile app publishers are uncertain whether a user agreeing to their agreements are of legal age. Publishers attempting COPPA compliance depend on antiquated and inaccurate tools like Age Gates to determine if a user is of legal age to enter into an Agreement.

How Does It Work? 

BunnyTrax uses non-personal data and its machine learning-powered algorithm to determine the probability a current user is a non-minor. 

BunnyTrax does not store personally identifiable data such as a user’s Device ID. BunnyTrax may process and store non-identifiable data such as the list of apps installed a user’s device explicitly for the purpose of improving the BunnyTrax algorithm.

Is BunnyTrax GDPR Compliant?

Yes, BunnyTrax does not collect personal data. Any data collected and processed is explicitly for the purposes of providing a service to publisher partners, enabling their compliance. 

How to Implement the API? 

We're currently working with select partners. If you're interested to implement Bunnytrax, email us at hello@unclewilliam.org